Tusi Faiaoga Aso Sa Taitai o Autalavou



download bigVasega Amata - Elementary Class

download bigVasega Laiti - Junior Class

download bigVasega Feoloolo - Middle Class

download bigVasega Matutua - Senior Class

download bigVasega Matutua Faapitoa ma Autalavou Laiti - Junior Youth

 download bigTusi Aoga Mo Autalavou - Youth

download bigSunday School Songs


Sunday School Songs

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1. All the colours of the rainbow. download bigDOWNLOAD NOW!

2. Create in me a new Heart. download bigDOWNLOAD NOW!

3. Love is something you give away. download bigDOWNLOAD NOW!

4. Say a prayer in the morning. download bigDOWNLOAD NOW!

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