On the 9th of July 2012, a one day workshop was held by the CCCS Mission Office in collaboration with the Council for World Mission (CWstudents2M). The workshop’s primary goal was to educate and to provide a much needed awareness for young people of the dangers and the negative social implications that are brought about by alcohol and drug abuse.

The Workshop was attended by 8 young members from each respective CCCS collegstudents7e namely, Tuasivi (TSC), Leulumoega Fou (LFC), Nu’uausala (NSC), Maluafou (MFC), Papauta (PGC) and Congregational Senior College (CSC). A highlight of the workshop was the fact that participants were not just students of the CCCS faith, but from different denominations. This is something that is to be applauded for the flexibility that the CCCS puts on prioritising education no matter what denomination a student belongs to. This was shared by participants through personal experiences to motivate other students to stay off alcohol and drugs.

Presenters police_repat the workshop were carefully selected so that they may bring about a wholistic challenge for the young people. Members of the Ministry of Police as well as the Health Departmmtc_repent were invited to relate to the participants how detrimental alcohol and drug abuse can be to a person’s health and social existence.

A lecturer from Malua Theological College presented a spiritual perspective and challenged the young people that a truly successful young life can only be based on God’s providence. A presentation was also given by the Counselling Department of the CCCS that focussed on the importance of ‘self-esteem.’ The aim was that in their realisation of their self-worth they can duly deny all the temptations that they face as young people in sostudents3ciety.

The workshop was well received by the participants and it is hoped that they have been properly equipped with the correct tools that allows them to combat alcohol and drug abuse. It is expected that the participants will return to their schools and share this knowledge with their fellow students.

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