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Monday 23 April
Faith gives life

Read Hebrews 11:17–31
He considered the fact that God is able even to raise someone from the dead – and figuratively speaking, he did receive him back. (verse 19)

Today’s reading includes the story of Abraham’s faith in God that saved his son Isaac, and the faith and actions of Moses’ parents that saved his life. Both stories highlight the intervention of parents to save their children. This reminds me of another parent and son story. When I was around five years old, my father and I went fishing off a wharf in Ohope Whakatane in New Zealand. Dawn was just breaking and we were alone on the wharf. I remember my father instructed me to stay in the car out of the rain, while he fished ten metres away. The next memory I have was being in the sea and sinking, while looking up at the sky disappearing away. I then felt a hand trying to grab me, which finally got hold of my long ponytail floating above my head – it was my father’s hand. He stopped me from sinking, but then we both struggled to stay afloat in the rough sea because of the winter jumper my father had on. Eventually we found safety on a concrete pillar under the wharf. A man heard our screams for help and pulled us up out of harm’s way. Later my father told me that I said I jumped into the sea to help him catch some fish.

These stories show how faith in God moves people to intervene and give life to others. Having faith in God reminds us to trust that God can overcome all difficult situations and give us the strength and ability to pull through. Faith in God gives life.

†  Lord, help us to trust you when we are faced with life’s challenges, in knowing that our faith in you gives us life. Amene